Fleet Building - The Design
Fleet Building
Fleet Building harks back to another age when the Post Office was a government department responsible for Posts & Telecommunications. Buildings were large and spacious and a showcase of the evolving technologies.

Photo: Fleet Building © Light Straw March 2012.
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Fleet Building was another vast telecommunications centre, which was designed by W.S. Frost under guidance from chief architect Eric Bedford, of the Ministry of Works. This 14 storey building was completed in 1960 and occupied a large site between Shoe Lane and Farringdon Street.

40 Shoe Lane
Fleet Building at 40 Shoe Lane
The Shoe Lane entrance had the legend 'Fleet Building' (in corporate font style) across the canopy.

Photo: Fleet Building © Light Straw April 2006.
The Murals - A Detailed History
The Murals
The Ministry of Works commissioned a series of nine themed telecommunications murals which were designed and made by Miss Dorothy Annan.

Photo: Fleet Building Mural © Light Straw 2006.

Post Office Telecommunications Journal Summer 1958: Planning the Fleet Building by J. Bellew.
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