Fleet Building: Dorothy Annan Murals 2006
Fleet Building 2006

Fleet Building: All photos © Light Straw April 2006.
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This was the roadside view of the Dorothy Annan murals on Fleet Building in 2006. The place looks very grim and is semi-derelict.

Fleet Building was a telecommunications and office complex once belonging to the government-controlled General Post Office. Public-owned buildings had civic pride, and thus Dorothy Annan had been commissioned in 1960 to produce nine panels of telecom-themed tiled artwork to adorn the Farringdon road elevation. The photos below depict the state of the tiles after 46-years of weathering.

Images are NOT to scale. 
1 - Radio Communications and Television.  
1: Radio communications and television  
2 - Cables and Communications in Buildings.  
2: Cables and communications in buildings  
3 - Test Frame for Linking Circuits.  
3: Test frame for linking circuits  
4 - Cable Chamber with Cables Entering from the Street.  
4: Cable chamber with cables entering from the street  
5 - Cross Connection Frame.  
5: Cross connection frame  
5 - Close-up of Artist's name.  
Dorothy Annan 1960  
6 - Power and Generators.   
6:Power and generators  
7 - Impressions Derived from the Patterns Produced
 in Cathode Ray Oscilligraphs used in Testing.
7: Impressions derived from the patterns produced in cathode ray oscilligraphs used in testing  
8 - Lines over the Countryside.  
8:Lines over the countryside  
9 - Overseas Communication showing Cable Buoys.  
9: Overseas communication showing cable buoys  

An additional four display panels on the building were used to showcase notices and company information. The photos below show the 'BT Piper' era (1991 onwards) of BT.

Four showcase panels  
BT Piper vans  
Network control centre  
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