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Calvert's Brewery
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Image: View of the Brewery and Dwelling House belonging to Messrs Calvert & Company. Erected on the Scite of Cold Harbour. Courtesy of Guildhall Library, City of London.

A Brief History

  • The Hour Glass Brewery at 89 Thames Street was founded in 1431 and was acquired by the Calvert family in 1759.
  • In 1860 the City of London Brewery Company was formed to acquire Calverts.
  • In 1805 a bad fire destroyed the premises.
  • Was reconstructed as the New City of London Brewery Co. Ltd in 1891.
  •  In 1895 reverted to the original title.
  •  In 1922 brewing was transferred to the Swan Brewery Fulham and the Hour Glass Brewery was used as a warehouse.
  •  In 1932 the name was changed to The City of London Brewery and Investment Trust Limited, parts of the business having been sold and the proceeds invested in securities according to investment trust principles.
  •  In 1941 the brewery was destroyed in an air raid.
  •  In 1968 the remaining part of the brewery business was sold, although the company continued trading with investment securities.


Campion Lane, South out of Upper Thames Street, at No. 89, to the Thames, by the east end of the church of All Hallows the Great (Elmes, 1831). The Brewhouse was originally built in Haywharfe lane in Stow's time and was in the possession first of Henrie Campion and then of his son Abraham. The name of the lane was changed to commemorate the family ownership. John Stow's Survey of London, published 1598.


Engraving (above) courtesy of Guildhall Library, City of London.

Description: View of the brewery & house belonging to Felix Calvert and Co., erected on the site of Coldharbour mansions and grounds, at no. 89 Upper Thames Street. Also showing boats on River Thames, figures, horses and cart.

Artist: Schnebbelie, Robert Blemmell (1792-1849).

Engraver: Howlett, Bartholomew (1767-1827).

Publisher: Wilkinson, Robert (fl.1785-1825).

Date of Execution 1820.

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