Dial-a-Disc Equipment
Equipment Announcer 9A
The Dial-a-Disc service originated in Leeds in July 1966.

Photo: Equipment, Announcer 9A (EA9A) © 1966 BT Heritage.
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This equipment was used to record the pop singles on to tape, the tape was made up as a continuous loop and loaded into Equipment Announcer 9As.

Dial-a-Disc Equipment Rack
In the centre of the photo is the turntable deck on which a standard '7" single' (gramophone record) was played, on transfer to tape...

At the top of the photo is the 'reel to reel' tape deck which was used to make a continuous tape loop of the recording...

Which was then played on the EA9A machines which can be seen on the shelves underneath the turntable deck.

The EA9A machines were introduced in 1966 for the new Dial-a-Disc service and for Changed Number Announcements. They were 'replay only 'machines using a tape loop previously recorded under engineering supervision on a tape recorder. The tape cassette was capable of holding sufficient tape for an announcement of up to 4 minutes playing at a tape speed of 3.75 inches per second.

Photo: Dial-a-Disc Rack © 1977 John Lamble.

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