De Havilland ISC
De Havilland IATAE
A key feature of the De Havilland ISC was the 'state of the art' IATAE (International Accounting and Traffic Analysis Equipment) which was based around a DEC System 10 computer.

Photo scanned by Peter S White: Brian Downer on lineprinter and Peter White on teletype by courtesy of the Post Office January 1976.
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De Havilland ISC

De Havilland TXK2 was introduced in 1975, also at Stag Lane. It had a capacity of 2500e and was fully featured. De Havilland was fitted with TXK2 equipment, the ATE 5005T manufactured by Plessey. Like all 5005 exchanges, De Havilland was fairly quiet, as the equipment was mounted behind plastic covers and the common equipment, such as Router Controls, were spread out with the router switches they controlled.

The IATAE (International Accounting and Traffic Analysis Equipment)

At De Havilland, the IATAE was 'state of the art', performing the following functions... 

  • International call accounting.
  • Traffic recording and performance monitoring.
  • Processing of fault information.
De Havilland did not have a centralograph, but would have had some kind of fault recorder, similar to other 5005 switches.

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