Welcome to YOUR Telephone Exchange
Welcome to YOUR Telephone Exchange
In the Sixties, telephone exchange 'open days' were an opportunity for the G.P.O. to promote its services and for the public to see the latest developments in the switching of calls. Visits to an AutoManual Centre were particularly interesting as you could see both the operators at work and the equipment used to connect the calls. Children could visit the place where their parents worked and perhaps long to be an operator or engineer when they grew up.

Image: A typical 'open day' leaflet from 1968. PH 1534 3/68.
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As a Public Service the GPO (General Post Office) was always keen to showcase the Telephone Service to its users, as a selling and educational opportunity. Public accountability and good service were as important then, as they are today. The leaflet below explains the route of a telephone call using 'step-by-step' Strowger electro-mechanical selectors.

Let us follow a local call through the exchange
The reverse of this leaflet gives tips on how to speed your calls...
A 10-point plan to Speed Your Calls

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