TNMoC at Bletchley Park
TNMoC at Bletchley Park
The National Museum of Computing was officially opened in 2008, as the culmination of ideas and collections dating back to 1994, when the Computer Conservation Society (CCS), led by Tony Sale, first had a display at Bletchley Park.

Photo: 'Compact' Discs with the ICL 2966 © LSA June 2012.
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In the Spring of 1994, the Bletchley Park Trust was offered a one year lease by British Telecom on two buildings - H Block and Faulkner House and it was in these buildings that the Computer Conservation Society first set up a presence at Bletchley Park.

Other Exhibits  
H Block
The corridors of H Block lead to many viewing galleries telling the story of code breaking and computing.

Other exhibits...

Exchange Master and Slave clocks.
Punched card machines - Hollerith and ICT.

Photo: The corridor of H Block © LSA Oct 1999.
The Harwell WITCH  
The Harwell WITCH
The Harwell (WITCH) Dekatron Computer was loaned to Bletchley Park TNMoC, to undertake its restoration, in September 2009.

Photo: The Harwell WITCH © LSA June 2012.
EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator) replica.

Photo: EDSAC © LSA August 2015.
Modern Mainframes  
Modern Mainframes
Modern mainframes and minis. TNMoC is undertaking a wide range of computer restoration projects...

Photo: The ICL 2966 © LSA June 2012.

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