1 - Main Entrance
Main Entrance
As you entered a Butlin's camp, you stepped into a magical world of fun and games, of brightly painted umbrellas, star - shaped luminaries, coloured lights and all the daily routines of a well organised holiday...

Even for the grown-ups, it was like a second childhood with everything to hand, an in-all tariff for 3 meals a day and lots of activities for the children to enjoy.

Photo: On guard at the front gate © 1965 Light Straw Archives.
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Step into a Dream

'Step Into A Dream' sung by pop group White Plains, originated as the jingle used for a Butlin's advert in the 1970s.  The words 'Butlin Land' were replaced by 'Freedom Land'.

It really was a dream adventure with children's characters at every turn; animals, large smiley faces, the famous Butlin Beaver Club, it was just like visiting toytown. As you began your holiday, first call was Reception, a very large foyer packed full of people with cases and bags. Lots of hustle and bustle as queues formed to pay your deposit and collect your chalet keys. Oh, and the number of keys hanging on the wooden boards behind the counter, hundreds of them, all jingling and jangling, wonderful times!

On Guard
On Guard
This hut was used as a checkpoint for holidaymakers to let them in/out of the Camp with valid passes.

Photo: On guard at the front gate © 1965 Light Straw Archives.
A Children's Train
Butlin's was always alive with activity. If it wasn't a Children's Train, then a motorised trailer moving supplies from one end of the camp to the other would be negotiating the roads and passageways between the 'warehouse like' green - roofed buildings.

Postcard: A Children's Train.
Earlier Days  
Earlier Days
The 1930s Camp was continually evolving in an attempt to keep up with current trends in the holiday scene...

Postcard: Butlin's Luxury Holiday Camp.
Outdoor Heated Pool  
Outdoor Heated Pool
The L-shaped heated outdoor pool and fountain was the main attraction at the front of the Camp.

Postcard: Outdoor Heated Pool and Butlin's Luxury Holiday Camp.

Eastern National
Eastern National Coach
This is the type of coach which would have carried holidaymakers to Butlin's in the 1960s.

Photo: Eastern National coach (Wikipedia).
Butlin's Clacton label
Butlin's Clacton.

Scan: Sticky label for suitcases.

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