Butlin's Holiday Camp Clacton (1969 Plan)
Butlin's Clacton 1969
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B U T L I N' S Clacton opened on 11th June 1938. It closed to holidaymakers on 4th September 1939, but was used by the armed forces for the duration of World War II, re-opening on 6th April 1946. It officially closed on 18th October 1983.

Plan of the Camp

1 Main Entrance - Garage

2 Outdoor Pool

3 Reception Building
Ground Floor includes: Reception, Campers' Mail, Lost Property, Reception Coffee Bar, Barclays Bank (Nat West Bank 1973), Crazy Horse Bar.
First Floor includes: Sea Horse Lounge, The Playhouse Theatre (The Empire Theatre 1973), and Windsor Dining Hall (Playroom 1973).

4 Tennis Court (used to be a childrens' playground)

5 Gaiety Building Includes: Gaiety Theatre and Foyer Coffee Bar and (Self Service Kiosk and Model Car Racing 1971).

6 Embassy Club Bar They played wrestling matches and some bingo here. It also hosted, pop groups.

Red Camp Chalets

7 Viennese Building Ground Floor includes: Newsagents, Camp Post Office, Amusements Arcade, and Shop; Blinking Owl Bar. First Floor includes: Viennese Ballroom, Viennese Coffee Bar and Viennese Bar.

Radio Butlin

8 Sportsfield The Sportsfield was bounded by the Viennese Building and the Kent and Gloucester Dining Halls. It was on this field in the 1970s that the Donkey Derbies and 'It's a Knockout' events took place.

9 Children's Building Includes: Beaver Lodge, Kiddies' Theatre, Infants' Nursery and Creche, Parents Quiet Lounge, Pram Hire.

10 Roller Skating Rink at the far end of the Sportsfield.

11 Car Park Red Camp

12 Miniature Railway

13 Football Pitch (and Putting Green 1971)

14 Boating Lake

15 Beach Gate direct access to the seafront and beach.

16 Grosvenor Restaurant

17 Kent And Gloucester Dining Halls

Kent and Gloucester Dining Halls with adjacent Sunken Gardens and Playing Fields.

18 Games Building
Ground Floor includes: Launderette, Ironing Room, and "Be-Gay" Shoe Shop and Amusement Arcades (Harrisons), Main Chalet Office (moved to Viennese Building 1971), Safari Lounge, (and Gale's Boutique 1973).
First Floor includes: Table Tennis, Billiards and Snooker, Darts and Amusement Arcades.

Ian Bevan writes: "I was a nipper at Butlin's in the seventies, and spent my childhood there as my family owned a shoe shop in the camp called "Be-Gay". I went to school at Camrose School located in Wash Lane, opposite the camp and would sit at my desk and hear " bing- bong-bing...This is Radio Butlin calling" and wish 3.30 would hurry on and I could walk down to the camp." "The shoe shop was on the end of the games building. The amusements were run by the Harrison family, and I remember once spending all my pocket money in there and coming away empty handed, so went back to mum's shop and pulled all the right faces! Mum went in there and as she knew Teddy Harrison, I came out of there a second time with a bag full of goodies!"

19 Regency Building
Ground Floor includes: Toy Shop, General Shops, Golden Grill, (Holiday Fayre 1971), Chinese Restaurant.
First Floor includes: TV Rooms (BBC and ITV), Regency Bar Lounge, Regency Old Time Ballroom and Fish Restaurant.

20 Indoor Pool Building
Ground Floor includes: South Seas Bar, Ice Cream Sundae Bar, Photographic Shop, Hairdressing Salons, Ice Cream Kiosk.
First Floor includes: Heated Indoor Pool, Toilets, Changing Rooms, and Discotheque.

21 Sun Terrace

22 Main First Aid Post, British Rail Office and Chapel.

23 Amusement Park: Including... The Peter Pan Railway, The Minic Railway

24 Car Park Blue Camp

Billy Butlin's quote from Shakespeare..."Our true intent is for all your delight."

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