3 - Reception
The Reception Hall
Saturday was the start of the week for Butlin's as thousands of Campers filled the Reception Hall to pay their deposits and collect their chalet keys.

Postcard: The Reception Hall. Note the 'wishing pond' and cage of budgerigars.
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Your holiday starts here...

On Saturdays the reception was crammed full of new campers queuing up to hand over their 2/6 deposit for chalet keys. Lots of luggage and hustle and bustle. For the remainder of the week, the area was virtually deserted, save for the postal section where mail for the Campers could be collected.

Also in the reception building was a picture board which told the story of Billy Butlin and gave the timescale of the opening of his holiday camps.

Chalet Keys

Behind the reception counters, there were hundreds and hundreds of chalet keys hanging up on hooks and many duplicates, as for a family chalet, each person could have a key. Each key was on a keyring complete with a 'Butlins Holiday Camp Clacton' token.

The Chalet Maids had keys to every chalet which needed cleaning, so a typical cleaner had bunches and bunches of Yale type keys hanging off her belt. Presumably 'master keys' weren't an option.
Butlin's Clacton Holiday Camp
Butlins Clacton Holiday Camp.

Chalet key token (front).
Value 2/6 with chaley key
Value 2/6 with Chalet key. Two shillings and sixpence is 22.5 new pence.

Chalet key token (obverse).
Entertainment Programme
Clacton Entertainment Programme 1971
Butlin's Clacton Holiday Camp had a wide variety of activities and entertainment to keep everyone in the holiday mood.

Scan:Butlin's entertainment programme (1971).
Sea Horse Lounge
Sea Horse Lounge
The Sea Horse Lounge was located on the first floor of the Reception Building.

Postcard: Sea Horse Lounge.
Billy Butlin Story
Butlin's History
The Billy Butlin story... a little bit of history

Scan: Our True Intent is All for Your Delight.
Butlin's topofthetower restuarant
Billy Butlin's empire didn't just include a chain of hotels and holiday camps. He realised that the entertainment business extended to providing high class cuisine, not simply meals for the masses.

Butlin's Holidays Limited once held the lease on one of the UK's finest restaurants, at the top of the Post Office Tower.

Scan: Butlin's topofthetower restaurant.

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