Faded Books
Faded Books 
Books from your childhood which you'd almost forgotten...

Image: The Otterbury Incident by C.Day Lewis. Illustrations by Edward Ardizzone.
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Here's a small selection of memorable books from bygone days.

Edward Ardizzone (1900-1979)

"Edward Ardizzone was born on 16th October 1900 in Haiphong, Vietnam. His father served in the Far East with the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company. His mother moved the children to England when Ardizzone was five years old, where he remained for the rest of his life. As a child, he and his cousin Arthur explored the docks together and were given free run by the sailors. These experiences were the basis for the 'Tim' books and many others..."

Johnny The Clockmaker
Johnny The Clockmaker by Edward Ardizzone
"Once upon a time there was a small boy called Johnny. He was very clever at making things and he spent all his spare time hammering and banging and sawing up pieces of wood." "One day Johnny was reading this book for the hundredth time when he suddenly decided to make a grandfather clock for himself... "...Oh dear, Johnny is up to his nonsense again!"

'Johnny the Clockmaker', Oxford University Press, 1960. Reprinted 1971. ISBN 0 19 279587 2
The Otterbury Incident
The Otterbury Incident by Edward Ardizzone
The Otterbury Incident by C. Day Lewis was another popular book of the 1960s and early 70s. This one was also illustrated by Edward Ardizzone. 

'The Otterbury Incident', First published by Putnam 1948. Reprinted 1971. ISBN  0 14 030163 1
Bringers of Good Tidings
Birthday Greetings
Book: Bringers of Good Tidings, with illustrations by Edward Ardizzone.

Learn more about the GPO Telegram Service of bygone times.

The Project Club
The Project Club
The Project Club was a spin off from the Milk Marketing Board, who in the 1970s encouraged us to drink more milk with slogans such as 'Drinka Pinta Milka Day'! Project Club books, with activities to keep enquiring minds busy, could be obtained by ordering extra pints of milk and by joining the Club. Later, the books were available in the shops.

Visit The Dairy Council

Project Book 084 Exploring London.

Miranda goes to the Supermarket
Miranda goes to the Supermarket
Miranda goes to the Supermarket was a 'pop-up' book which opened out into the four different sections of the store.

Miranda goes to the Supermarket by Sabatez. Price 2/6 (12.5p) Printed in Holland.
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