Faded Stars
Faded Stars
Stars of film and television of not as long ago as you thought?

A look at some memorable DVDs which have been released...

DVD cover: Star Maidens - All 13 episodes of the cult 1970s sci-fi TV series on two discs!
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Stars of film and television of not as long ago as you thought?

Star Maidens
Star Maidens
All men are subordinates on the planet of Medusa - for that is the planet ruled by the Star Maidens!

Pre-dating even Blake's 7, this 1975 Anglo/German production stared Judy Geeson and Gareth Thomas.

DVD cover: Star Maidens
Star Wars
Way back in 1977, the very first film in the Star Wars series was shown in cinemas throughout the world.
Star Wars
 In September 2004, the digitally mastered versions of the original trilogy were released on DVD:
  • IV A New Hope
  • V  The Empire Strikes Back
  • VI The Return of the Jedi
 And with the final prequel released, the full line up is:
  • I   The Phantom Menace
  •  II  The Attack of the Clones
  •  III Revenge of the Sith
DVD cover: Star Wars IV - A New Hope. www.starwars.com
Other Stars
Other Stars
STRANGE REPORT (circa 1968) was an investigative/adventure series with a format similar to 'Department S', both of which were produced by the innovative ITC. Cast:

  • Anthony Quayle as Strange
  • Kaz Garas as Gynt
  • Anneke Wills as Evelyn
Anneke Wills was a companion in Doctor Who between 1966-1967. 

DVD cover: Strange Report.

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