Faded in Time
Faded in Time
Travellers in time and space, part of the very fabric of 20th century Britain!

Take a look at Sci-Fi at its best...

DVD cover: Doctor Who - The Dalek invasion of Earth. The William Hartnell Years 1963-1966.
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Why were the (typically 1970s style) series so successful? Although produced as low-budget programmes, the credibility relied up the viewer having the imagination to believe that such things were entirely plausible, if only in the future. The characters and storylines were carefully developed over the weeks to build the anticipation, hope, and fear which could not otherwise have been created in a single episode.

Terry Nation was the creative writer responsible for many of the cult Sci-Fi series of the 1970s...
The Daleks in Doctor Who, Survivors, and Blakes 7.

Adam Adamant
Adam Adamant
Gerald Harper stars as the (digitally) restored Victorian gentleman detective who was first seen on our tv screens in 1966.

Created by Sydney Newman and produced by Verity Lambert.

The Complete Collection includes all of series one which was originally transmitted 23/06/1966 to 25/03/1967. There is also a new 52 minute documentary 'This Man Is The One' revisiting the actors and locations which starred in this unique production. The Collection of five DVDs contains a wealth of extras, as well as a 64 page collectors' booklet.

DVD cover - Adam Adamant Lives! The complete collection.

Back to the Future (BTTF)
Back to the Future
Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd take the DeLorean for a spin.

Blu-Ray cover - Back to the Future trilogy.

Blakes 7
Blakes 7
Aided by Zen and Orac, Blake, Avon, Vila, Jenna and Cally do battle with the Federation, headed by Servalan and Travis.

DVD cover - Blakes 7. The complete series two.

Verity Lambert was the first producer of...

Doctor Who
Doctor Who
"The Doctor? He's always been around. He's part of the very fabric of spacetime in the 20th century, and beyond."

Click on the DVD cover for more about the series.

DVD cover - Doctor Who The Invasion. The Patrick Troughton Years 1966-1969.


Torchwood first arrived on BBC3 at 21:00 hrs. on 22nd October 2006

Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who!

 See www.bbc.co.uk/torchwood/

BBC photo: Ianto, Gwen and Captain Jack
Another great Terry Nation creation...

Survivors - The cult 1970s story of Jenny, Craig, Charles and Abby facing the aftermath of a plague ridden world.

DVD cover - Survivors - created by Terry Nation.
Warehouse 13
Warehouse 13 - Season One
Established in 1914, Warehouse 13 was designed by Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and M.C. Escher.

Follow the exploits of Myka and Pete as they track down another sinister artefact to 'snag it, bag it and tag it'. Aided by Artie, Claudia and Leena and the ever present Mrs Frederick.

DVD cover - Warehouse 13 - Season One.
Warehouse 13 - Season Two

Follow the trail of Mrs H.G.Wells from Warehouse 12 and see the original Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner.

DVD cover - Warehouse 13 - Season Two.

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