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Recalling the history of the British Post Office...
The Post Office
When I was about 10 years old, I was fascinated by a library book by Nancy Martin. It was 'The Post Office: From Carrier Pigeon to Confravision.' My father worked for the Post Office as a Telephonist and so the GPO played a very important part in my formative years.

Here are a few pages dedicated to the memories of the British Post Office, a solid reliable institution, in the days before privatisation and competition.

Book cover: The Post Office by Nancy Martin - From Carrier Pigeon to Confravision. (Dent 1969).
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The General Post Office (GPO) was once a key communications provider of postal and telephone services, which also operated Government backed savings accounts. Surprisingly, the services offered in the early 21st century are remarkably similar, but the organisation has changed many times over. 'Light Straw's GPO Pages' attempt to capture the spirit of the bygone times and to recall just some of the history behind a mainstay of the British way of life.

History & Organisation
An Introduction to The Post Office
An Introduction to the POST OFFICE - A training booklet December 1959.

This handbook is to welcome you into the Post Office, to give you a general idea of its varied and widespread activities, and to show you briefly, how best you can contribute your share in its service to the public. You will know from your own experience how much better such service is if it is smartly and cheerfully given. You will now have many opportunities to play your part in this way both as an individual and as a member of a team..
Post Office Savings Bank, including ERNIE the Premium Bond computer. And later the people's bank, National Giro.

Images: POSB poster and National Giro logo.

COI GPO Film Unit
The GPO Film Unit transferred to the Central Office of Information (COI) and produced commissioned documentaries for the Post Office.

Images: COI film title and GPO Film Unit booklet.
Royal Mail Post Office Counters
Royal Mail delivering the post, and Telegrams.
Post Office Counters transacting business.

Photos: A local DO and WHS PO counter.

Post Office Supplies:
Post Office Factory Division (Fac D), together with Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) equipped the GPO.

Images: Studd Street stores © BT Heritage. An S.O. book.
GPO Telephones: Timeline
GPO Telephones
Royal Mail origins...

And timeline of General Post Office/Post Office Telephones, British Telecom, BT and Openreach...organisation and liveries.

Photo: GPO Telephones - A complete picture © Light Straw Archive 2000.
GPO Clock Systems Documentation:
GPO Clock Systems by Simon Taylor
GPO Clock Systems...

Simon Taylor collates all of the available documentation and surviving diagrams.

Photo: GPO Clock Systems Documentation.
Mail by Road Mail by Rail
Mail by Road, Mail by Rail.

Photo: Mailvan and Travelling Post Office © Light Straw Archive.
My GPO Family (Books)
My GPO Family Poetry in the Post Office The GPO and Bletchley Park
A retrospective snapshot of living in the Public Service of the GPO and BT...

Paperback books now available to buy direct.

Scans: Front covers of the My GPO Family series of books.
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