Post Boxes
Post Boxes
These Post Office pages would not be complete without a brief study of post boxes ...

Photo: GR 'Letters Only' lamp type postbox at Amberley Museum © Light Straw April 2010.
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Post Boxes, or Letter Boxes are (usually) for the collection of outgoing mail in the UK. These boxes can be 'lamp' (attached to a lamppost or pole), Pillar (circular, square or oval) or wall mounted.

The End of Detailed Collection Times

During 2003, the 'next collection' numbers on pillar boxes was abandoned with a single notice stating words to the effect 'this box will be emptied during the day up to 6.30 pm'. From 28th October, 2007 the Post Office ended mail collections on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

The royal cyphers found on letter boxes have changed over the years to reflect the reigning monarch.
  • 1837 to 1901 Queen Victoria
  • 1901 to 1910 Edward VII
  • 1910 to 1936 George V
  • 1936 Edward VIII
  • 1936 to 1952 George VI
  • 1952 Elizabeth II
Post Boxes
ER wall recessed box at Hockley (Essex) DO
An atypical 'new town' Elizabeth II Reign box recessed into the wall of the Distribution Office (DO). The blanking plate on the left most likely covering the space which once would have housed a stamp vending machine.

Photo: ER wall recessed box at Hockley (Essex) DO © Light Straw Nov 2007.
An ER lamp box
A low volume collection area where a small box is sufficient.

Photo: 'E II R lamp box' mounted on a metal post in Hockley (Essex) © Light Straw Nov 2007.
A modern styled E II R post box 
A modern styled E II R post box.

Photo: A modern box © Light Straw Sept 2008.
Twin boxes at Leigh on Sea
 Twin E II R pillar boxes outside a main Post Office.

Photo: Twin oval boxes outside Leigh on Sea Post Office © Light Straw June 2006.
A Post Trolley
The ubiquitous post trolley, a commonplace sight on today's streets.

Photo: An HCT (High Capacity Trolley) © Light Straw.
A George VI box
A George VI Reign box recessed into the wall of Nene Valley Railway station. Mail from the box is collected, though probably by volunteers.

Photo: 'G VI R wall recessed box' at Nene Valley Railway © Light Straw July 2009.
Post and telephones
This appears to be an Edward VII post box, but the casting looks very sharp and new?

Photo:'E VII R' at Amberley Museum © Light Straw April 2008.
K4 telephone kiosk and stamp vending/letter box
This 'GR' telephone kiosk is fitted with 2 stamp vending machines and a letter box.

Photo: K4 combined telephone and letter box at Amberley Museum © Light Straw April 2008.
Letter boxes at Amberley Museum
A selection of boxes...

Photo: A selection of letter boxes at Amberley Museum © Light Straw April 2008.
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