TPOs on The Nene Valley Railway
TPOs on The Nene Valley Railway
Seen here at Wansford, on 4th July 2009, are a rake of coaches forming the preserved TPO set.
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TPOs on The Nene Valley Railway

In preservation, the Travelling Post Offices on The Nene Valley Railway turn back postal history with an operational pick-up and set-down of mail bags. These types of TPO were not post offices where stamps could be bought, but were specialised coaches for the sorting and stowage of Royal Mail letters and small packets. Exceptionally, there was a posting box on the TPO where first class letters could be posted, when the train was in a station.


The white letterset used on the TPOs formed part of the new corporate branding that Royal Mail adopted from about 1990.

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The white lettering on this TPO is known as Stempel Garamond.The font is ultimately based upon Garamond, from sixteenth-century printer, publisher, and type designer Claude Garamond. Thus the Stempel foundry released their version, Stempel Garamond in 1924.


Mail Vans
The Mail Vans
There are currently four mail vans which form the TPO set on the NVR.

Photo: July 2009 © Light Straw Archive.
The Mail Exchange 
The Mail Exchange
The Railway demonstrates the picking-up and setting-down of mail bags at two locations on its line.

Photo July 2009 © Light Straw Archive.
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