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The links below lead to a wealth of information about telecoms in days gone by... well as current organisations who are shaping tomorrow's history.

For serious research, the BT Group Archives holds booklets, magazines, journals, photographic record books, etc, of all aspects of telecommunications associated with the GPO, Post Office Telephones, British Telecom and BT.

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As communication touches everyone's lives it's not surprising that some records and collections can be found in archives other than those specific to telecommunications.
Resources for Research
BT Group Archives
BT Group Archives
BT Group Archives The corporate memory for the BT Group of companies.
From July 1997, Holborn became the new home of the BT Archives, a fitting place to safeguard the history of telecommunications.
BT's Connected-Earth project was an award-winning museum on the internet, which put the history of telecoms into context with images of thousands of objects. The website closed on 2 Dec 2019 after more than 15 years of operation. The physical partner-museums continue at their respective locations.

The 23rd October 2003 saw the opening of the new Connected-Earth gallery at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Highlight of the opening was Hugh Muller - great grandson of Alexander Graham Bell, who was born, of course, in Edinburgh.

The Postal Museum 
The Postal Museum
Some telecommunication's records still reside with the Post Office/Royal Mail, such as historical staff lists of telephonists. The Postal Heritage Trust looks after these documents and more...

Telecommunications Heritage Group
Telecommunications Heritage Group
The Telecommunications Heritage Group  (THG) was formed in December 1986 with the aim of bringing together those engaged in the study, preservation and collection of the heritage of communications. The THG is an independent non-profit-making group run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
Links to Personal Web Pages
Personal Web Pages
A small selection of links to personal web pages about telecommunications.
Industry Experts
The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals
In September 2007, TCN became The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals. As of May 3rd 2002, the Institution of British Telecommunications Engineers officially became The Communications Network. 'The Journal' continues as a successor of what was once the Post Office Electrical Engineers Journal.
Unicorn Restorations
Unicorn Kiosk Restorations
For all of your telephone kiosks requirements, the team will be pleased to advise you.
Setting the Standards
Ofcom took over the work of OFTEL (and other regulators) on 30th December 2003.
Ofcom is the regulator for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services. Ofcom exists to further the interests of citizen-consumers as the communications industries enter the digital age.
 Tuv Sud BABT certifies products and services in the fields of IT, radio and telecom. Their certification schemes give confidence that products and services comply with objective standards.
The National Standards Body of the UK, British Standards is among the world’s leading providers of standards and standards products. Through engagement and collaboration with its stakeholders, it develops standards and applies innovative standardization solutions to meet the needs of business and society.
BT.COM - BT Group is one of Europe's leading providers of telecommunications services.

The BT Price List - Products, prices, terms and conditions.
Book List
The books featured here are a selection of educational, purely factual, and those of personal reminiscences, many of which have been meticulously researched and dedicatingly written.
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