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Harold William Chenery - Night Telephonist
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Interesting site for ex-BT Manchester people.

GPO HQ sites
GPO Sites

Detailing the history of the General Post Office and its Headquarters in London, in bygone times...

Photo: GPO South - Faraday Building on the site of the Doctors' Commons.
Light Straw ATE
Light Straw ATE

Enter the Main Exchange where you can explore the history of the UK Telephone Service, the operators, the equipment, the engineers and the subscribers...

Photo: A typical exchange MDF.
Telephone Area Office
Light Straw TAO

In the 1970s, all telecommunication services for a geographical area were the responsibility of the Telephone Area Office (TAO)...

Photo: Plymouth TAO circa 1980.
Light Straw TEC
Light Straw TEC

The Telecoms Engineering Centres, were originally home to the fleet of Telecom vehicles in the days before the 'at home parking' schemes.  TECs were also a stock centre for telephones, cables, telegraph poles and all sorts of engineering sundries.

Photo: Morris J2 Engineering Utility - Post Office Vehicle Club.
GPO Timeline
GPO Telephones

The GPO Timeline - a brief history of key organisational and name changes throughout the years...

Photo: General Post Office - The whole picture - postal, telegraph, telephones.
Payphones: End of the Line?
Payphones: The End of the Line?

A brief look at some of the telephone kiosks which were once a common sight on the streets... And modern ones too!

Photo: K2s and K6s awaiting restoration.
Factory Division
Fac D

In 1870 two telegraph repair factories, one in Holloway (London) and the other in Bolton, formed the beginnings of Post Office manufacturing.

Photo: Factory, Tollington Rd, Holloway © BT Heritage.

STC played a major role in developing and supplying equipment for the General Post Office (GPO).
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