Fleet Building - The Murals
Fleet Building - The Murals
The Ministry of Works commissioned a series of nine themed telecommunications murals which were designed and made by Miss Dorothy Annan.

Photo: Fleet Building murals © Light Straw April 2006.
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Murals, mosaics and artwork were prominent features on many public buildings during the 1960s and 70s. These patterns enhanced what may otherwise have been a plain stretch of concrete, in an era before materials technology allowed 'glass and steel' to become dominant.

The murals by Miss Dorothy Annan depict an arty telecom theme of Sixties innovation, technology and inspiration of a bygone age.

The Murals (2006)  
The Murals
The murals as originally installed on the Farringdon Street elevation of  Fleet Building and photographed in April 2006.

Photo: Fleet Building Mural © Light Straw 2006.
Fleet Building 2012
Fly posting on the derelict building didn't extend to the murals, which remained intact throughout.

Photo: Fleet Building © Light Straw March 2012.
Dorothy Annan at the Barbican
About the murals...
See the murals restored and on permanent display at the Barbican Centre...

Photo: Information panel on wall of the Barbican Centre © Light Straw July 2015.
The ceramic tiles of D.Annan's designs were manufactured and installed by Hathernware Ltd. Miss Annan was paid £300 per panel for the 1960s commission.

The Twentieth Century Society and the Tiles & Architectural Ceramic Society worked together to secure an English Heritage Grade II listing (on 21st November 2011) for these unique murals. The listing was supported by Frank Auerbach (artist) and Penelope Curtis (Director, Tate Britain).

Of the murals, English Heritage said they were "testifying to the atmosphere of optimism and excitement about new technology and communications in the 1950s and 1960s."


Financial Times 22nd November 2011 - Goldman hits a wall over City HQ plan by Ed Hammond, Property Correspondent.

The Twentieth Century Society

Tiles & Architectural Ceramic Society

Hathernware manufactured terracotta and architectural faience and was acquired by IBSTOCK in 1990.

AHMM - Dorothy Annan Murals

Barbican Centre
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