Post Office Telephones
Commer Vans
Commer Vans
A 1967 15 cwt. Commer PB KVB 662D Post Office Telephones - Telephone Manager - West Area - London

Photo © Pete Newman.
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The Commer 1500 FC was prototyped in 1959 and launched in January 1960. 1962 saw heralded series two with a larger engine and by October of that year, a one ton 2500 model was available. From 1974 the range was marketed as the Dodge Spacevan.

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The GPO Types

By the time the first vans were purchased by the Post Office in 1966/67, the vehicle had developed into the Commer PB. Later versions (from about 1977) were the updated model of the Dodge Spacevan.

Registration Dates

These were the registration dates of the period:

C Jan1965, D Jan 1966, E Jan 1967, F Aug 1967. 

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