Post Office Telephones
Mid-Bronze Green Livery
Post Office Telephones: Mid-Bronze Green Livery


Post Office Telephones at Amberley Museum © LSA April 2011.
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The vehicles of Post Office Telephones, within these pages, span many years, from the 1930s to the early 1970s. This period included the change from mid-bronze green to golden yellow paint livery, in 1968, leading up to the new name of Post Office Telecommunications in 1969. Examples of older branding continued into the 1970s, until newer vehicles were phased in.

Manufacturers included: Albion, Morris, Ford and Land Rover. This section illustrates a selection of vehicles, many of which have been preserved in public collections, or private ownership.

Albion Utilities
Albion trucks were first purchased by the Post Office in the early 1930s. In common with other vehicles, which later became part of the Post Office Fleet, the Albion telephone utility was specified with a custom - built bodywork.

Photo © LSA April 2008
Morris Minor Variants  
Morris Minor Variants
Early Morris Minor 5 cwt. vans were specified with custom built bodies to Post Office design. As the Morris Eight became available the Minor chassis was combined with the Eight's engine to form a Post Office Telephones' hybrid.

Photo © LSA April 2008
Morris CV11/40  
Morris CV11/40
This 1946 Morris Commercial CV11/40 30 cwt, Utility (U39896 reg GYY107) is held by the British Postal Museum and Archive, at Debden.

Photo © LSA May 2014.
Morris LC Series  
Morris LC Series
This 1949 Morris Commercial LC3 Utility (U48545 reg JUW 830) was winner of the POVC (Post Office Vehicle Club) Amberley trophy in 2007.

Photo © LSA April 2008
Morris Z Van  
Morris Z Van
The Morris  'Z' chassis 5 cwt van was produced between 1940 - 1953 and was used on telephone duties for Post Office Telephones.

Pictured is JLD 717 at Amberley Museum.

Photo © LSA April 2008
Morris Mini  
Morris Mini
This 1962 Morris Mini van (167 ELP) 5cwt telephone utility worked in East London Area until 1969. 167 ELP was winner of the POVC (Post Office Vehicle Club) Amberley trophy in 2009.

Photo © LSA April 2008
Morris J  
Morris J
From about 1957 onwards, the GPO purchased more than 6000 Morris J type vans for both postal and engineering duties.

Morris Commercial JB Van 1960 at Welland in 2004 © Paul Sharpe of
Morris J2  
Morris J2 Utility
In the Sixties, the Morris J2 was typically assigned to a geographical work area and was commonly seen with the white lettering POST OFFICE TELEPHONES, TELEPHONE MANAGER (AREA). 

DLL 870C photo © Pete Newman
Morris Minor  
Morris Minor - Post Office Telephones
Preserved Minor Utility BYE232B at the Kemble Steam and Vintage Show 2nd August 2009. It is thought that the ladder rack was removed at the local workshop, before the vehicle entered service.


Photo © Colin Martin
Ford Anglia - Post Office Telephones
During the 1960s, the Ford Anglia 5cwt was the preferred choice of small utility vehicle, for Post Office Telephones work.

Resplendent in mid-bronze green, the recommended tyre pressures are painted in white over the wheel arches.

Photo © LSA
Commer Van - Post Office Telephones
During the late 1960s the Commer van displaced the Morris J2 as the most ubiquitous telecom vehicle on the streets.

1967 Commer PB KVB 662D photo © Pete Newman
Land Rover  
1967 Land Rover - SYF 11F
A 1967 Land Rover in splendid Post Office Telephones mid-bronze green. SYF 11F was originally based in the Crayford and Canterbury engineering centres and was used when a 4-wheel drive vehicle was required.

In the mid 1960s, Post Office Telephones commissioned 95 of these Land Rovers and they were registered SYF 1F to SYF 95F.

Photo © Peter Wales
Post Office Telephones LAS 780
P.O. Engineering Department
Research Station
Dollis Hill
London NW2

Post Office Engineering Land Rover LAS 780 photo © Peter Wales
BSA Motorcycle  
A BSA motorcycle in Post Office Telephones green livery.
AGT 23 is a 1933 BSA telephone engineer's motorcycle and sidecar which is part of the Connected Earth collection at Amberley Museum.

This motorcycle has a 595cc single cylinder engine with a 3-speed hand-change gearbox. The sidecar contains a three-section ladder and tool set.
G.P.O. Handcart  
G.P.O. Handcart No.1475
GPO Handcart No.1475 seen at Amberley April 2010

Photo © LSA April 2010
Golden Yellow Livery  
Golden Yellow Livery
In 1968, Golden Yellow was adopted as the new 'safety' colour for all telecommunication vehicles and the white lettering was changed to grey-green. And from 1973, the words 'Telephone Manager' were phased out. Some vehicles were repainted in golden yellow, thus it is possible to find registration marks prior to letter G (August 1968) in the new livery.  

Golden Yellow 356 was originally specified to British Standard BS381C
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