Post Office Telephones
Morris Minor Variants
Morris Minor Variants
Hybrid Minor/Eights were produced for both Royal Mail and Post Office Telephones.

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The Morris Minor was first produced between 1928 and 1934 by the Morris Motor Company. The original 847cc single overhead camshaft engine was replaced in 1932 by a side valve engine. During 1934 the Minor was superceded by the Morris Eight which continued until 1948.

Morris Eight Designations:

Pre-Series (from approx) October 1934 up to June 1935 (official designation model year 35/E).
Series I from June 1935 (official designation S1/E).

In 1938, design updates included painted rather than plated radiator surrounds and disc (Easiclean) wheels replaced the previous 'Magna' wire spoked ones.

Series II in 1938 with 918 cc UB side valve straight 4.
Series E saloon from 1938 to 1948 with 918 cc USHM side valve straight 4.
Series Z van (based on the E saloon) from 1940 to 1953.

In 1948 a completely new Morris Minor, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis launched the MM Series (1948 to 1953). The new Series II was produced between 1953 and 1956. The Morris Minor 1000 with a 948cc engine lead to improved performance from 1956 up to the last year of van production in 1971.

From 1971, the radically different Morris Marina was the successor.

The GPO Types
A 5cwt van, based on the Morris Minor car was introduced in 1929 and the GPO purchased the updated 1932 version. However, the bodywork was specified to a GPO design and constructed by various coachbuilders, Bonallack and Sons, Duple, and Park Royal. As the Morris Eight van became available in 1934, the GPO retained the Morris Minor chassis, but utilised the Eight's 918cc engine and (from 1938) the 'Easiclean' wheels. These hybrid Minor/Eights were produced for both Royal Mail and Post Office Telephones use until 1940 when the Series Z van was introduced.

EGU 230
Post Office Telephones: EGU 230
This 1937 Morris Minor telephone engineer's van (EGU 230) is a hybrid of the Morris Eight and Morris Minor.

Interior of EGU 230
Immaculately restored, the interior of EGU 230, showing interior light, stores items of the period. There is also a telegraph pole sign" G-R Persons throwing stones at the telegraphs will be prosecuted".
ELO 688  
Morris Eight - ELO 688
This 1938 Morris 8, overhead linesman's van ELO 688, serial U17400 was used on telephone duties for Post Office Telephones.
FGN 203  
FGN 203 at Amberley in 2011
This 1939 Morris Minor telephone engineer's van (FGN 203) was in service until 1948. Forty years later (in 1988) it was purchased for restoration. Seen here in Osborne Lane, Amberley in 2011.
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