Post Office Telephones
Morris J2 Utility
Post Office Telephones Morris J2 Utility
A 1965 Morris J2

DLL 870C U110772

Post Office Telephones -Telephone Manager -West Area -London

"There is plenty of load space as it has no bins. And the side doors offer good access."

Photo © Pete Newman.
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The Morris J2

The Morris J2 15 cwt. van was launched in 1956 and production continued, with various design revisions, until 1967. More than 120,000 were produced. In 1962 the original 1489cc BMC B-Series engine was upgraded to a 1622cc engine with a floor change gearbox.  A diesel version was also available.

The vehicles were first used by Post Office Telephones from about 1960. Between 1964 and 1967 the J2 was a common sight on the streets as the demand for telephone service reached a peak.

The BMC 250 JU
The BMC 250 JU
The Morris 15cwt. 250 JU photographed in 1969. This model is the BMC badged version.

Photo © Post Office Telephones
The 250 JU was produced by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) between 1967-1970. The vehicle retained the basic body styling of the J2, but the front end was updated. Of note are the oblong direction indicators and redesigned grill.

The Austin Morris 250 JU

Further revisions were included in the Austin Morris version of the 250JU between 1970 -1974.

The GPO Types

  A 1963 15 cwt. Stores Carrying Vehicle  
Morris J2 - 210 ELP  
"To improve the convenience and safety of apparatus delivery work under conditions of traffic congestion, double side doors are fitted in addition to a single wide rear door. Both side doors can be secured flat against the near-side of the body so as to minimise any obstruction of the pavement. The rear door is equipped with a door stay which can he used when the vehicle is stationary to secure the door in its fully open position."
A Morris J2 -showing the side doors open
  Photos © Post Office Telephones  

197 ELP

Post Office Telephones

In the Sixties, the Morris J2 was typically assigned to a geographical work area and was commonly seen with the white lettering POST OFFICE TELEPHONES, TELEPHONE MANAGER (AREA).
Morris J2 Utility
In the days when the Post Office was still a Government Department, telephone vehicles were painted  Mid Bronze Green  with white lettering.

This particular example is:

Morris J 2 Utility 15cwt registration 197 ELP

Photo courtesy of the Post Office Vehicle Club © 1998-2015

For more photos and information about GPO vehicles see Bob's Telephone Files which can be found at British Telephones.

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