Post Office Telephones
Morris Z Type - General Engineering Van
Morris Z Type
The Morris  'Z' chassis van was produced between 1940 - 1953 and was used on telephone duties for Post Office Telephones.

Photo: HGW 866 at Amberley © LSA April 2008. 
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The Morris Z van was based on the Morris Eight E series saloon.

The GPO Types
JUW 830 serial U48545

Photo JUW 830 at Amberley © LSA April 2008. 

JLC 914  
JLC 914
Morris Z Chassis JLC 914 - Post Office Telephones, Telephone Manager  Kirby Lonsdale U47020 - A factory panel van.

Photo: Morris Z van at Debden © LSA Sept 2012.
HGW 866 - Summer Showing
Morris Z Chassis HGW 866
Morris Z Chassis HGW 866 - Post Office Telephones U36856 - Owner John Plant.

Of note is the fire extinguisher on the nearside wing.

Photo © M.Knight 17th July 2005 as seen at Alton Bus Rally.
NLV 179 - Winter Working
Morris Z Van NLV 179
Post Office Telephones - Telephone Manager Canterbury.

Seen here in full winter kit (with radiator muff) is NLV 179

Photo © Phil Gates: Maidstone & District Motor Services, Knightrider House car park in early 1960s.
GGY 20 - with Coachbuilt Bodywork
Morris Z Van GGY 20 ...with coachbuilt bodywork
GGY 20 - U19242 Post Office Telephones

Seen here in original wartime colours with blackout markings. Rare for the period, this van has coachbuilt bodywork.

Photo: Morris Z van at Debden © LSA Sept 2012.
Connected Earth Collection
Post Office Telephones: Morris Z Van JLD 717
JLD 717: 1947 Morris Eight Series Z Telephone Utility at Amberley Museum.

Photographed at Amberley in 2008 it resides within BT's Connected Earth, partner collection. See further details below...  

"This type of vehicle was used by the Post Office Engineering Department between 1947 and 1958. This particular vehicle, U47822, was first registered in April 1947 and was used as an engineering manager's van. The Morris Z 5 cwt light van was the commercial version of the series E Morris already in production. At the time of writing nothing is known of this vehicle's use by the Post Office. It has since been owned by Mr A Chapman, Mr T M Moore, Mr J S Budgen, Mr C D Spurr and was acquired by Mr J Muller in March 1985, and sold to a Mr A Bowker in August 1985. British Telecom repurchased it in October 1985."

Morris Z General Engineering Van Morris Z General Engineering Van Morris Z Van JLD 717 JLD 717 - Telephone Manager Copthorne
This Morris Z was originally one of the vehicles in the Telecom Technology Showcase Historic Vehicle Collection. In 2002 it was relocated to the Connected Earth collection at Amberley Museum.

Photos: Light Straw Archive (April) 2008 & 2011  

Notes: HGX 302 Post Office Telephones - Telephone Manager Portsmouth - U37291 

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