Post Office Telephones
Golden Yellow livery
Post Office Telephones: Golden Yellow Livery
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WLF 801G
FGB 805L
LMG 309K

Image: Morris Minors at Amberley Museum © LSA April 2011.
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The vehicles of Post Office Telephones, within these pages, span many years, from the 1930s to the early 1970s. This period included the change from mid-bronze green to golden yellow paint livery, in 1968, leading up to the new name of Post Office Telecommunications in 1969. Examples of older branding continued into the 1970s, until newer vehicles were phased in. Manufacturers included: Albion, Morris, Ford and Land Rover. This section illustrates a selection of vehicles, many of which have been preserved in public collections, or private ownership.

Golden Yellow Livery  
Post Office Telephones: Golden Yellow Livery
In 1968, Golden Yellow was adopted as the new 'safety' colour for all telecommunication vehicles and the white lettering was changed to grey-green. And from 1973, the words 'Telephone Manager' were phased out. Some vehicles were repainted in golden yellow, thus it is possible to find registration marks prior to letter G (August 1968) in the new livery.  

Golden Yellow 356 was originally specified to British Standard BS381C
Land Rover  
Post Office Telephones: Land Rover
Here's a photo of the Plymouth Area's Series IIa Land Rover, taken in 1979 and specially repainted for the Plymouth Lord Mayor's day parade. Note the bottles of beer by the rear wheel - Post Office Telephones always entered a float for this event, which I (Steve Ash) helped to build for a number of years - happy days!

SYF 38F  © Steve Ash 1979  
Post Office Telephones: Morris
The Morris 1000 telephone utility was seen in golden yellow livery from about 1968, shortly before the Post Office become a public corporation. Forty years later, in 2008, the vans within this section were photographed at Amberley Museum during the Post Office Vehicle Club's annual rally. 

GAN 833J photo © LSA April 2008
Commer Van
In 1968, with the adoption of the Golden Yellow livery, recent additions to the fleet were resprayed in the new colour.

A 1966 Commer PB KVB 662D photo © Pete Newman
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