Telecommunication Vehicles
The GPO Fleet and its successors, showing the vehicle history of the Telephone Service

The GPO Fleet and its successors
...with examples from the GPO, Post Office Telephones, British Telecom, BT and Openreach. Also includes the Post Office Radio Service, PEUs (Pole Erection Units) and elevating platforms.
Photo: Osborne Lane, Amberley Museum © LSA April 2011  
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Other Resources

Post Office Vehicle Club
Post Office Vehicle Club
Detailing the full vehicle histories, complete with registrations, of the telephone service, with records of the GPO, Post Office Telephones, British Telecom, BT, and Openreach.

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Post Office Stores and Telephone Vehicles Royal Mail -Trucks in Britain Post Office Vehicle Club


These books contain a wealth of photographs and information about the Post Office Fleets.
Links specialist vehicle builders.

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