The Bombe Huts
The Bombe Huts
"This electromechanical counting machine was designed to eliminate variables at high speed. Its action was described as 'machines that go on ticking until they reach a combination that will cause them to produce an output'; hence bombe."

Photo: Refurbished Huts 11 and 10 © LSA August 2015.
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The seemingly ramshackle huts were heavily strengthened with reinforced concrete and supported by RSJs (Rolled Steel Joists) to protect them against possible air strikes. Such was the importance of the work taking place within.

Today, the huts have stood the test of time and although the roofs may leak, the integrity of the buildings remain more or less as they were all those years ago...

A Bombe Machine was quite a bulky beast and could only just fit through the comparatively narrow doorway.
The Bombes were about 6 feet high by 6 feet wide, rather like a large wardrobe, save for the masses of spindles, shafts, wheels, brushes and commutators within them. With all those whirring spindles, the Bombes were very noisy and generated a lot of heat.
Interior of Hut 11A 1994
In the early days of The Trust, Hut 11A was requiring attention.

Photo: Hut 11A showing the puddles from the leaking roof © LSA October 1994.
BL19 SWL 10 CWT (508kg)
The Bombe Unit - BL19 SWL 10 CWT (508kg)

Photo: The RSJ across the roof confirms the heavily reinforced structure © LSA October 1994.
Early days in Hut 11A 1999
By October 1999 the 'Turing Bombe Rebuild Project' was well underway with several important sponsors and a enough volunteers to have built the basic framework for a single Bombe.

Photo: Early days of the Bombe Rebuild in Hut 11A © LSA October 1999.

Photo: Early days of the Bombe Rebuild in Hut 11A © LSA October 1999.
An early 'mock-up' Bombe
Here is a 'mock-up' in wood of a real 'Bombe' as seen in the TV series 'Station X.' The wheels are marked with the alphabet A-Z in varying combinations, just like in the real machines. To the far left of the photo can be seen the metal framework and castor wheels of the replica which was being built.

Photo: Early days of the Bombe Rebuild in Hut 11A © LSA October 1999.
Bombe Rebuild  
Bombe Rebuild
See the Turing Bombe Rebuild.

Photo: The Bombe Rebuild in B Block © LSA July 2007.
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